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The Life and Work of Frank Gehry: A Conversation with Frank Gehry and Paul Goldberger

November 12th, 2015

The Leonard Lopate Show, New York Public Radio: Legendary architect Frank Gehry discusses his life and work, alongside his biographer, Pulitzer Prize–winning architectural critic Paul Goldberger,who wrote Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry.

They spoke to Leonard about Gehry’s education in architecture in Los Angeles, how Japan inspired him, and why he hired a human rights lawyer to oversee his work in Abu Dhabi. When discussing his outlook on architecture, Gehry told Leonard “all great buildings are one room.”

Frank Lloyd Wright, Sacred Space, and the Challenge of the Modern

March 26th, 2009

“Is there a conflict between the desire to express a modern idea and the timelessness we expect of sacred space? Paul Goldberger, award-winning architecture critic of The New Yorker, will look at Unity Temple in the context of history’s great religious spaces. He will explore the connection between architecture and the spiritual and consider its meaning, both for Frank Lloyd Wright and for the architecture of today.”

On Ground Zero

September 7th, 2004

“We discuss the plans for rebuilding at ground zero in Lower Manhattan, and the debates surrounding those plans. Goldberger says idealism met cynicism at ground zero, and so far they have battled to a draw. His new book is Up from Zero: Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York.”

Image for Episode 5: Lawsuit- Paul Goldberger, Louis Cherry and Marsha Gordon
Episode 5: Lawsuit- Paul Goldberger, Louis Cherry and Marsha Gordon

November 6th, 2018

The fifth episode of US Modernist Radio featuring Paul Goldberger, Louis Cherry and Marsha Gordon talking about the lawsuit that threatened to stop the construction of architect Louis Cherry and his wife’s newly designed gorgeous house in Raleigh.

“Too Rich, Too Thin, Too Tall?” Residential Towers in Manhattan

April 24th, 2014

The Leonard Lopate Show, New York Public Radio: Vanity Fair’s contributing editor Paul Goldberger discusses the new residential towers going up in Midtown Manhattan. Ultra-tall, ultra-thin, and ultra-expensive, these “superscrapers” are designed for the top 1 percent of the 1 percent, breaking records for everything, including price. Sold for $95 million, the 96th floor of 432 Park Avenue will be the highest residence in the Western world (at least until the building at 225 West 57th Street goes up). His article “Too Rich, Too Thin, Too Tall?” is in the May 2014  issue of Vanity Fair.

Image for Examining The World Trade Center Site and 9/11 Memorial with Paul Goldberger
Examining The World Trade Center Site and 9/11 Memorial with Paul Goldberger

September 9th, 2011

From The Arts File with Kerry Nolan, WQXR New York Public Radio. As the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attack approaches, the World Trade Center site is starting to take shape. Two towers, including One World Trade Center, are climbing skyward, and the 9/11 memorial will be dedicated on September 11, 2011. Other towers, a performing arts center, and a transportation hub will eventually be completed. In this week’s Arts File, Kerry Nolan speaks with New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger to discuss how the design for the site came together and what it says about how New York has changed since 9/11.

Quasi-Public: Paul Goldberger and Danny Meyer in Conversation

February 26th, 2008

A lively conversation between Pulitzer-prize winning author and architecture critic for The New Yorker, Paul Goldberger, and restaurateur, author, and civic activist Danny Meyer about how modern-day patterns of work and recreation will give form to new public and quasi-public spaces. The view of the Lower East Side from the Sky Room provided the perfect backdrop for a forum on how New York City is changing in the face of technology and development.

Reinier de Graaf and Paul Goldberger on the State of Architecture Today

May 3rd, 2018

92Y On Demand: Join architecture critic Paul Goldberger along with architect and author Reinier de Graaf (OMA) for a conversation about Reinier’s book Four Walls and a Roof.  Acclaimed among the best books of 2017 by the Financial Times and the GuardianFour Walls and a Roof brings together a collection of essays that debunk the myths that Reinier identifies to be looming over the profession of architecture. They will discuss the current state of the profession and the role that architects play in today’s society, looking at how community and citizen participation impacts this role, how smart technology infiltrates architecture and what the fascination for smart cities may bring about.

The Shape of Things to Come—In Silicon Valley with Paul Goldberger

March 18th, 2014

From KCRW Design and Architecture Podcast: In this interview, Paul Goldberger describes how Silicon Valley was a place where buildings ”were a kind of “whatever,” just like clothing, which is why “the first Silicon Valley structures were to architecture as the fleece vest or hoodie is to haberdashery.”

Why We Need Architecture

November 11th, 2009

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Paul Goldberger wants to remind us of why architecture matters, in shaping lives and cultures from ancient Rome to the next wave of American — or Asian — building.

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